Quest for the West® 2020 Main Art Sale

Available Art

Gerald Balciar, Prickly Pear

Gerald Balciar, Up, Up, Away

Gerald Balciar, Desert Elves

Gerald Balciar, Don’t Move

John Buxton, Apples of Adoration

Bruce Cheever, Dancin’ with the Devil

Bruce Cheever, Spirit of the Warrior

Bruce Cheever, Grand Descent

Bruce Cheever, Shadow Dance

Bruce Cheever, Teton Sunrise

Tim Cherry, Otter Knot

Tim Cherry, Mouse Hunt

Tim Cherry, Bison Medallion

Tim Cherry, FeLion

Tim Cherry, Branch Bender

Tim Cherry, Nest Egg

Rox Corbett, After the Dance

Rox Corbett, Covid Café

Rox Corbett, Old Gator Never Much Cared for Grownups

Brent Cotton, Sweathouse Falls

Glenn Dean, The Old Desert Trail

Glenn Dean, As the Dust Settles

Steve Devenyns, Quiet Dignity

Steve Devenyns, In Every Cloud… A Silver Lining

Steve Denenyns, Another Day… Another Time

Steve Devenyns, Tranquility

Mikel Donahue, Shadow Ropers

Mikel Donahue, High Country Royal

Mikel Donahue, Pow Wow Princesses

Michael Dudash, Sangin’ to the Steers and the Stars

Michael Dudash, Escape to Robbers Roost

Barry Eisenach, Heart Beat

Barry Eisenach, War Chiefs on the Greasy Grass

Barry Eisenach, Bear Man

Barry Eisenach, Black Kettle, Peace Chief

Barry Eisenach, Mustangs

Barry Eisenach, Warrior Society Camp Herald

Josh Elliott, Conduit to the Colorado

Josh Elliott, White Cliffs of the Missouri

John Fawcett, The Barter

John Fawcett, Roundabout

Deborah Copenhaver Fellows, Biting Off More Than He Can Chew

Deborah Copenhaver Fellows, Branded, He’s Mine

Deborah Copenhaver Fellows, Smart Ass Caddy

Robert Griffing, Chief Cornplanter Speaks of the Coming War

Robert Griffing, Waiting for the Storm

Robert Griffing, Enemy Territory

George Hallmark, Bebiendo Amigos (Drinking Buddies)

Karin Hollebeke, Frontier Comforts

Donna Howell-Sickles, Just One Look

Donna Howell-Sickles, One Step at a Time

Greg Kelsey, The Hand

Greg Kelsey, Commitment

Greg Kelsey, Maestria de la Reata

Greg Kelsey, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Greg Kelsey, For Love and War

Mark Kelso, The Still, the Fall, and the Raven Call

Mark Kelso, A Dangerous Encounter

Bruce Lawes, Stepping Out

Bruce Lawes, The Defiant One

Curt Mattson, She Knew No Fear

Curt Mattson, Wild Horses, Wilder Women

Curt Mattson, Western Royalty

Curt Mattson, The Pie Thief

Curt Mattson, Western Tales

Joseph McGurl, End of the Line

Joseph McGurl, Lightspeed

Joseph McGurl, The Landscape Painter

Krystii Melaine, Tsemehot-o – The One I Love, Cheyenne

Krystii Melaine, Sungila – Red Fox, Lakota

Krystii Melaine, Voaxaa’e – Bald Eagle, Cheyenne

Dean Mitchell, Trail Town

Dean Mitchell, Barn and Utility Pole

Dean Mitchell, Jerome City Relic

Dean Mitchell, Rural West

Jay Moore, Lazy Afternoon

Paul Moore, Pawnee Warrior

Paul Moore, Song to the Autumn Spirits

Paul Moore, Warrior Mudhead

Paul Moore, Offering to the Sun

John Moyers, Thunder in the Distance

Brenda Murphy, Caprock Legacy

P.A. Nisbet, Cloud Way

P.A. Nisbet, Silver Roses

P.A. Nisbet, Sunburst, Grand Canyon

Robert Peters, Secrets in Stone

Robert Peters, April Superstition Mountains

Howard Post, Paint Sisters

Howard Post, Evening on the Mesa

Heide Presse, Tall Tales

Scott Rogers, The Outlaw Trail

Scott Rogers, Prayer for the Corn

Scott Rogers, When We Gettin’ a New Cook?

Scott Rogers, Vaquero

Scott Rogers, Flirtin’ with the Undertaker

Scott Rogers, Prairie Fire

Gladys Roldan-de-Moras, La Competencia (The Competition)

Gladys Roldan-de-Moras, Beginning the Venture

Gladys Roldan-de-Moras, Getting Ready at the Parade

Roseta Santiago, Red

Roseta Santiago, Girl from Tesuque Pueblo

Dave Santillanes, End of a Winter Day

Dave Santillanes, The Medicine Bows

Sandy Scott, Flightless Tondo

Sandy Scott, The Boss

Sandy Scott, Orchard Porker

Sandy Scott, Sunny Day

Sandy Scott, Tortuga Bay

Sandy Scott, My Buddy

Mian Situ, Lantern Festival

Mian Situ, A Glimpse of Beauty

Adam Smith, Winter Grays

Nathan Solano, The Incentive

Nathan Solano, Resupply Day

Nathan Solano, One Cold Day in the Saddle

Michael Untiedt, Stemming the Bad Tide

Michael Untiedt, Storm Rider

H. David Wright, Rendezvous in Sight