Solano, Nathan

Solano, Nathan

Nathan Solano
Born 1950 in Dragerton, Utah; lives in Pueblo, Colorado

Southern Colorado Cowboys
2021, acrylic on canvas, 15 x 30 inches

Every spring in the west, cowboys come together to help ranchers gather their cattle for spring branding. These cowboys are lending a hand on the Chico Basin Ranch in southern Colorado.

UNLIKE MOST ARTISTS, Nathan Solano did not begin his painting career until he turned forty, and he did so with no formal art training. Solano briefly attended the University of Colorado before being drafted and spending a year in Vietnam as an infantry sergeant. He returned and worked in a steel mill, then as a roofer, then as a waiter and bartender until he was hired as an illustrator for an advertising agency. Solano eventually worked in Colorado and Florida as an illustrator and art director for several ad agencies. In 1989 he moved back to Colorado and began painting.

Although Solano is widely known for his cowboy and Native American work, he paints a variety of subject matter.

Notable Awards and Achievements
“My son, Jarod, and my daughter, Ashley T.”

Selected Publications
The American Cowboy
The Artist Magazine
Art of the West
Cowboys & Indians
Southwest Art
Taos Magazine
Western Art Collector
Western Horsemen
Wildlife Art

Gallery Representation
Ann Korologos Gallery, Basalt, Colorado
Broadmoor Galleries, Colorado Springs, Colorado