The Eiteljorg Museum Staff Directory

President’s Office

John Vanausdall 

President and CEO

Molly Sass 

Assistant to the President

317.275.1313 | Email Molly


Nataly Lowder 

Vice President for Advancement

317.275.1311 | Email Nataly

Sally Dickson 

Development Manager

317.275.1365 | Email Sally

Susan St. Angelo

Corporate Relations Manager

317.275.1333 | Email Susan

Jennifer Hiatt

Member and Donor Relations Manager

317.275.1360 | Email Jennifer

Kay Hinds 

Development Coordinator

317.275.1341 | Email Kay

Lorna Speece

Development Associate

317.275.1316 | Email Lorna

Bert Beiswanger 

Dir. of Marketing and Comm.

317.275.1317 | Email Bert

Bryan Corbin 

Public Relations Manager

317.275.1315 | Email Bryan

Sophia Holt-Wilson

Digital Marketing Coordinator

317.275.1388 | Email Sophia

Finance and Administration

Sue Springirth

Vice President of Administration and Chief Financial Officer

317.275.1314 | Email Sue

Lezlie Laxton 

Director of Human Resources

317.275.1335 | Email Lezlie

Mary Downey

Accounting Assistant

317.275.1334 | Email Mary

Matt Askren 

Accounting Associate

317.275.1326 | Email Matt

Tom Coble 

Director of Technology

317.275.1354 | Email Tom

Paul Jones 

IT & Audio Video Specialist PT

317.275.1354 | Email Paul

Jay Harkness

Volunteer Coordinator

317.275.1325 | Email Jay

Curatorial, Collections and Exhibitions

Elisa Phelps 

Vice President & Chief Curatorial Officer

317.275.1322 | Email Elisa

Scott Shoemaker, Ph.D. 

Thomas G. & Susan C. Hoback Curator of Native American Art, History & Culture

317.275.1342 | Email Scott

Jennifer Complo McNutt 

Curator of Contemporary Art

317.275.1362 | Email Jennifer

Johanna Blume 

Curator of Western Art, History & Culture

317.275.1327 | Email Johanna

Dorene Red Cloud 

Associate Curator of Native American Art

317.275.1352 | Email Dorene

Allison Evans 

Director of Museum Collections

317-275-1358 | Email Allison

Christa Barleben 


317.275.1359 | Email Christa

Rebekah Ryan 

Collections Manager

317.275.1357 | Email Rebekah

Liz Ale

Collections Information Specialist

317.275.1378 | Email Liz

Steve Sipe 

Director of Exhibition and Graphic Design

317.275.1331 | Email Steve

Ashley Robinson 

Exhibit Specialist

317.275.1392 | Email Ashley

Public Programs and Education

Alisa Nordholt-Dean 

Vice President of Public Programs and Beeler Family Director of Education

317.275.1319 | Email Alisa

Sandy Schmidt 

Public Programs Manager

317.275.1348 | Email Sandy

Brandi Crocker 

Manager of Special Events & Artist Engagement

317.275.1369 | Email Brandi

Kyrra Clevenger

Public Programs Coordinator

317.275.1377 | Email Kyrra

Eric Hinkle 

Education Services Coordinator and Group Tours

317.275.1350 | Email

Suzanne Braun-McGee 


317.275.1346 | Email


LaMarr Easter 

Vice President of Operations

317.275.1372 | Email LaMarr

Robert Tate 

Director of Merchandising

317.275.1349 | Email Robert

Sarah Naum

Retail Operations Coordinator

317.275.1355 | Email Sarah

Madison Hincks

Manager of Catering & Rental & Events

317.275.1329 | Email Madison

Madison Hincks

Manager of Guest Services 

317.636.9378 | Email Madison

Ashley Caenepeel

Banquet and Cafe Manager (Kahn’s Catering)

317.492.9890 | Email Ashley

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