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Monday – Saturday:
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Noon – 5 p.m.

500 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Mission / Vision / Values

Our Mission

The Eiteljorg Museum explores the intersection of the arts, histories and cultures of the past and present by sharing the diverse stories of the American West and the Indigenous Peoples of North America.

Our Vision

The Eiteljorg Museum will:

Be a welcoming environment where people feel a sense of belonging.
Build authentic connections through artistic expressions and educational programs.
Create thought-provoking experiences to explore our past, present and shared future.
Amplify the voices of artists and champion their creative expression.
Represent the intersection of cultures and perspectives by creating a place where
transformation is possible.

Our Values

We represent a diverse story of human accomplishment, adversity and perseverance with respect and sensitivity to all peoples and cultures. We value integrity, respect, collaboration and excellence as paramount to accomplishing our mission. We define these values and are committed to:

• Integrity: Stewarding our collection, resources, processes and relationships with honesty and transparency.
• Respect: Intentionally weaving Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion into every aspect of the Museum.
• Collaboration: Developing and sustaining authentic internal and external relationships that support common goals.
• Excellence: Creating exceptional experiences.

Strategic Plans & Goals

The creation of our strategic plan was guided by a Strategic Planning Committee with extensive input from key Eiteljorg stakeholders, including staff members, Board members, DEAI Council members, Native American Council members, artists, museum members and friends, and community leaders and funders. This plan is centered on developing deeper collaborations and partnerships to succeed, whether through expanding foundational programs or implementing new ideas.

Goal 1: Develop a strategy for long-term financial sustainability by diversifying revenue and evaluating exhibitions and programmatic initiatives.

A. Increase the percentage of annual operating income from earned revenue sources.

B. Increase the corpus of the permanent endowment.

C. Increase annual contributions and membership.

D. Develop a strategy to repay or refinance the outstanding bond liabilities.

E. Evaluate the use of institutional resources and financial and mission-related returns.

Goal 2: Strengthen authentic partnerships and collaborations.

A. Develop collaborations that expand the Eiteljorg’s reach nationally and internationally.

B. Deepen collaborative relationships with Indigenous nations of North America.

C. Enhance the Eiteljorg’s presence in the greater Indianapolis community.

Goal 3: Develop and sustain a collaborative, inclusive, and diverse staff and volunteer team.

A. Build and retain a collaborative and diverse management and staff team.

B. Increase the diversity of the Museum’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board.

C. Continue to increase and diversify the Museum’s volunteer base.

D. Reimagine the internship program to diversify candidates and attract and retain talent.

Goal 4: Enhance the visitor experience through innovation and accessibility.

A. Expand and diversify the collection, exhibits, and program offerings to provide an inclusive story of the Indigenous peoples of North America and the Western experience.

B. Expand our audience and national reach.

C. Develop educational opportunities.

D. Create a culture of innovation throughout all aspects of the Museum.

Goal 5: Maximize our physical and digital spaces as tools to achieve our mission.

A. Expand art storage.

B. Create and implement a master facilities plan.

C. Establish a plan for digital mission delivery.

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