Bruce Cheever

Bruce Cheever

Cheever 2016
Bruce Cheever

Born 1958 in Utah; lives in Woodland Hills, Utah

The Warrior
2016, oil, 24 x 36 inches

When we visualize cultures throughout history, we usually do it through the art and artifacts left behind. A person could search the world over and not find a more beautiful and identifiable culture than that of the American Plains Indian. Their uniqueness represents the greatness of the American West. The Plains Indian headdress was sometimes worn into battle, and it signified spiritual and political importance. It also represented honor and respect. Those who wore the headdress were held in high esteem, and viewed as being brave in the face of danger and contributing to their tribes through selfless acts of courage.

INTERESTED IN ART AS A CHILD, Bruce Cheever embarked on a career as a fine artist after spending many years as an illustrator. It was during those years that he discovered his affinity for tonalism and luminism. Born in 1958, this Utah artist credits his education at Brigham Young University and a professional career as an illustrator as prime training ground in both observation and discipline.

Today, Cheever’s studio paintings take shape from the inspiration he gathers from his travels. Cheever’s atmospheric and bucolic landscapes are suggestive of the Renaissance period, and his passion for the landscape is driven by the never-ending search for beauty.

Whether painting a rural scene in the American Westor a pastoral European landscape, his painting style is emerging with a uniqueness of its own. Cheever has had the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world capturing the beauty of the landscape in his paintings. His love of the Western American landscape has been a hallmark of his success.

Notable Awards and Achievements

National Park Service, Arts for the Parks, included in top 100 winners

Gallery Representation

Hayden Hays Gallery, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Trailside Galleries, Jackson, Wyoming, and Scottsdale, Arizona