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New Native American Galleries

Project 2021: Telling Your Stories, the Eiteljorg’s $55 million capital / endowment campaign, is bringing fundamental changes to the museum’s public spaces that will transform the visitor experience. As part of Project 2021, the second floor Native American galleries are being completely reconstructed. The new Native American Galleries will open in June 2022, bringing a new context to the Indigenous artworks in a multi-sensory, state-of-the-art space that will allow visitors of all ages to learn about and interact with Native American culture in a brand new way.

YOU have the opportunity to help fund these hands-on activities, materials and more in the Native American galleries. Leave your legacy in our gallery space by donating to one or more of these items below. Every dollar counts! Whether you give $5, $100, or $1,000, YOUR donation will provide the funds necessary to enhance guest experiences and engage generations of visitors. New projects will be added often! Donors who contribute $250 or more will be permanently listed on our Project 2021 legacy wall.

Hands-on Cart

Hands-On Carts


Touchable and hands-on objects are a great way to present interactive activities that may change perceptions and provide teaching moments that feel like fun and play to visitors of all ages. Eiteljorg Museum Guides use these carts as tools to teach about the history, art and cultures of the Indigenous peoples of North America as well as the real and imagined American West. Museum staff designed educational programs using hands-on carts to place objects within a visitor’s reach. These carts allow guests to experience the art using objects they can touch, which creates a more impactful learning opportunity that may lead to engaging conversations that spark curiosity.

With your help, we can add three new carts to the museum as part of Project 2021, with touchable items focusing on various topics surrounding Native American culture in the United States and Canada.

Pictured: Eiteljorg volunteer Sharon Mills shows items on the museum’s current hands-on cart

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Create A Quilt Square


Inventive minds of all ages can design and piece together a quilt square using a variety of colorful magnetic shapes. In this interactive activity, visitors can create their own unique creation or add to a quilt square already started. Participants will see their creative ideas come to life while challenging themselves to pull these geometric shapes into a work of art.
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Eiteljorg Flag Design Activity

Flag Design Activity


Visitors can learn about flags representing various tribal nations in the US, Canada, and Mexico and then create their own unique felt flag design using pre-cut felt shapes. Guests of all ages can tap into their imagination and piece together a colorful and creative design. Tribal flags will be on display as examples and for educational purposes.
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Please Touch Materials


These “please touch” items allow visitors to discover and experience a tactile example of the artwork on display. You may have seen similar stations in the Eiteljorg’s Western Art galleries (pictured). Whether it’s a piece of artwork, a sculpture, or natural material, visitors can touch, feel, and interact with the art, enhancing their understanding and building a stronger, long-lasting connection.

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Ledger Art Photo-Op


Visitors can become part of the art with this life-sized version of the Hope 2020 piece by ledger artist Avis Charley (Spirit Lake Dakota / Navajo). This photo spot will be a striking and impressive image in the gallery space and a great place to create family memories.
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