30th Annual

Eiteljorg Indian

Market & Festival

Presented by Indiana Corn Marketing Council
and the Indiana Soybean Alliance

June 25-26, 2022

Saturday & Sunday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Mary Louise Tafoya (Kewa Pueblo), Kewa Birds Necklace (detail), 2021

Join us this summer for an Indian Market unlike any other. We’re celebrating a defining capstone project for the museum, the reopening of our new Native American galleries on June 25, during the first in-person market since 2019. Shop for jewelry, pottery, paintings, beadwork and more from more than 140 artists from across the United States and Canada. Enjoy cultural performances including music, dance and storytelling, and family art-making activities while eating fry bread and other food from local vendors.

Ticket Information

Purchase tickets in advance for $15 admission! Non-member adult tickets to Indian Market and Festival are $20 at the gate either day. Youth ages 17 and under receive free admission and do not need to reserve a ticket in advance. For Eiteljorg Museum members, free admission to the market is available for the individual named on the membership card with a reduced admission price of $15 for two adult guests.

Meet the 2022 artists:

Cathy Abercrombie
Sharon Abeyta
Mchale Alcott
Le’ana Asher
Lita Atencio
Gabriel Ayala
Karen Beaver
Nanibaa Beck
Abraham Begay
Ben Begay
Erick Begay
Isiah Begay
Roberta Begaye
Ernest Benally
Veronica Benally
Tina Benavente
Jolene Bird
Tim Blueflint Ramel
Peter Boome
Shirley Brauker
Kimberly Greene Bugg
Joe Calabaza
Valerie Jade Calabaza
Milford Calamity
Weeya Michelle Calif
Avis Charley
Matthew Charley
Ric Charley
Emilio Chavez
Norris Chee
Kelly Church
Monty Claw
Gordon Coons
Ira Custer
Dawn Dark Mountain

Alexa Rae Day
James Day
John Decelles
Grant Dial
Katherine Dickerson
Sam Dimmick
Chase Earles
Dominic East
Terrance Emery Jr
Dave Farnham
Tom Farris
Mark Fischer
Peggy Fontenot
Cliff Fragua
Felicia Fragua
Leah Mata Fragua
Neeko Garcia
Nelson Garcia
Anthony Gatewood
Wayne Nez Gaussoin
Ray Goodluck
Antonio Grant
General Grant
Crystal Hanna
Jimmie Harrison
Carol Hatathlie
Yonavea Hawkins
Emil Her Many Horses
Karen Ann Hoffman
Kevin Horace-Quannie
DG House
Susan Hudson
Nicholas Jackson
Cole Jacobson
Bruce Joe
David K John

Robert Johnson
Ed Kabotie
Randy Kemp
Raven Kemp
Rykelle Kemp
Erecka Lee
Davida Lister
Susan Locke Charlesworth
Faye Lone
Anderson Marion
Glenda McKay
Victoria McKinney
Patricia Michaels
Katrina Mitten
Valerie Namoki
Abel Nash
Salisha Old Bull
Brandon Adriano Ortiz
JJ Otero
Summer Peters
J. Rae Pictou
Melvin Platero
Dallen Plummer
Earl Plummer
Lance Plummer
Holly Pyke
Tonya June Rafael
Monica Raphael
Christal Ratt
Kimberly Ratt
Janie Reano
Joe Reano
Osceola Red Shirt
Michelle Reed
Shaun Rogers

Timothy Jose Roybal
Lisa D Rutherford
Gilmore Scott
Raynard Scott
Lyle Secatero
Rosabelle Shepherd
Tol-pi-yine Simbola
Marcus Slim
Gene Smith
Glendebah Smith
Patria Smith
Matagi Sorensen
Christopher Sweet
Lorenzo Tafoya
Mary Louise Tafoya
Eugene Tapahe
Everett Teller
Mary Teller
Travis Teller
Feliciano Tenorio
Leslie Tenorio
Roy Tenorio
Sharon Trudeau
Arielle Tsinigine
J Shude Victors
Felix Vigil
Adrian Wall
Shondinii Walters
Jillian Waterman
Amelia White
Jennifer White
John Whiterock
Sayokla Williams
Tim Yazzie
Jim Yellowhawk
Alexander Youvella Sr
Elmer Yungotsuna

Reflections by Avis Charley

Artist: Avis Charley



Randy, Rykelle and Raven Kemp

Woodland Sky Native American Dance Company


Ed Kabotie and Tha ‘Yoties

Wade Fernandez

Opening June 25


The Eiteljorg is completely re-envisioning and reconstructing the second floor Native American galleries and will reinstall Native artworks in a multi-sensory, state-of-the-art space to create a more contextual experience told through the voices of Native Americans. Don’t miss opening weekend of the new galleries during Indian Market and Festival!

"Ways of Tunghak" by Glenda McKay & Tim Blueflint Ramel
Title: “Ways of Tunghak”

Artist: Glenda McKay & Tim Blueflint Ramel collaboration

Born of the Waters by Cole Redhorse Jacobson
Title: Born of the Waters

Artist: Cole Redhorse Jacobson

Strawberry Moon Dancer by Mark Fischer
Title: Strawberry Moon Dancer

Artist: Mark Fischer

Keewat: Caddo Home by Chase Kahwinhut Earles
Title: Keeway: Caddo Home

Artist: Chase Kahwinhut Earles

The Burdens We Carry by Michael Dart
Title: The Burdens We Carry

Artist: Michael Dart

weavings & textiles
Half Eye Dazzler by Irveta Aragon
Title: Half Eye Dazzler

Artist: Irveta Aragon

cultural items
Anamaewin Omaajiitoon by Monica Raphael
Title: Anama’Ewin Omaajiitoon “He/She Takes Our Prayers”

Artist: Monica Raphael

Akiiwenzii by Alexa Rae Day
Title: Akiiwenzii

Artist: Alexa Rae Day

Paintings, Drawings, Print & Photography
Reflections by Avis Charley
Title: Reflections

Artist: Avis Charley

Thank You

To Our Contributors

Presented by
Sponsored By

Pat and Bob Anker
Elizabeth Ann Beck
Rochelle and Michael Cohen
Angela and Dick Darlington
Chris and Kimberley Eck

L.G. and Alyce Edwards
Roger and Mindy Eiteljorg
Drs. Richard and Rebecca Feldman
Linda Gilman
Sareta and James Gregory
Cindy and Steve Hoye
Pam and Gary Jursik

Larry and Connie Kane
Steve and Jane Marmon
Gary L. Mueller, M.D. and Carolyn R. Mueller, PhD RN
Hilary Raab
Terry and Becky Rader
Ellen M. Reed.

Tom* and Evelyn Seeley
Ann M. Stack
Charlene Timothy
John W. Timothy, M.D.
Cathy Turner
Christy Vezolles
Angela and Don Woodley

Harrison Eiteljorg Purchase Award Sponsors

Pat and Bob Anker
Elizabeth Ann Beck
Virginia Merkel
Tom and Bonnie Reilly
Charlene Timothy
John W. Timothy

Helen Cox Kersting Award Sponsored by

Helen Cox Kersting


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