Native American Art Collection

The Stories of the Past Have the Power To Influence Our Future

The Native American art collection is much more than just the items it contains. Whether it was created for a family member, for use within the community, or to sell, each item has many stories from its creation, use, collection, and continued connection to community of origin. The Native American art collection demonstrates the continued resilience of Native peoples, arts, and cultures.

Jacob M. Koopee, Jr. (Hopi-Tewa, 1970 - 2011), Pot, 2000 or 2006, Clay, Gift: Courtesy of Helen Cox Kersting in Memory of Dr. Hans Joachim Kersting

Diversity of Native Peoples of North America

See art and cultural items from Native peoples across the United States & Canada

What is it: The continent of North America is vast, with several hundred distinct Native nations, each with their own unique histories, languages, cultures, and governments. No single person, nor any single item can represent this immense diversity or depth of time. The Native American art collection includes many items of many different materials from many Native nations. Experiencing the collection helps to build understanding and appreciation of the past and present artistic accomplishments of the Native peoples of North America while also revealing Native peoples, arts, and cultures not only existing, but also thriving well into the future.


How to visit: Visit the exhibit Mon-Sat 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and Sun 12 p.m.-5 p.m.

More About This Collection

Art includes work from Martin J. and Julie Klaper Collection of Arctic Art, the R. Terrance and Rebecca J. Rader Collection of Katsina Carvings, the Donald B. and Jean O. Korb Collection of Navajo Saddle Blankets, and the Helen Cox Kersting Collection of Southwestern Art.

Mihtohseenionki (The People’s Place) is devoted to understanding the Native people who originally and still call Indiana home—the Miami, Potawatomi, Delaware, and others. Partnerships with artists and tribal communities provide visitors with a distinctive perspective about the art and cultures of Native people.

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