Loffler, Rich

Richard Loffler Born 1956 in Regina, Saskatchewan; lives in southern Saskatchewan At 67 Rich is an avid outdoorsman. He juggles his time between home, his fieldwork, his studio work and the casting foundries, where he oversees the patinas and completed works. Rich has...

Tucker, Ezra

Ezra Tucker Born 1955 in Memphis, Tennessee; lives in Monument, Colorado EZRA TUCKER’S WORK is inspired by the work of classical wildlife artists like Bob Khun, Carl Rungius, Edwin Landseer, Arthur Wardle and Antoine Bayre. Tucker pulls viewers into his creations...

Anderson, Luke

Luke Anderson Born 1993 in Cheyenne, Wyoming; lives in Salt Lake City, Utah LUKE’S BACKGROUND in environmental studies and the humanities has played an important role in shaping ideas about landscape that have influenced his work. Luke’s paintings often...

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