Opening June 2022

All New Native American Galleries

“Art is an essential part of being. It has always been and continues to be a way for Native peoples to express, exist, persist, and resist.

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A Space for

Native Voices Now

The Eiteljorg has taken the initiative to change the way museums typically tell Native Americans’ stories by creating a space for the peoples themselves to tell their own stories. The capstone phase of Project 2021 is the complete reconstruction of the second floor Native American Galleries, showcasing Native art in a modern space. The galleries will provide a contextual experience organized around the themes of relation, continuation, and innovation, demonstrating the continuum of Native art.


The Native American Galleries

Working in tandem with our Native American Advisory Council, the Eiteljorg is committed to changing the way Native art is exhibited to provide focus on the voice and stories of the artists.

Land Acknowledgement that the Eiteljorg sits upon the lands of the Miami, Potowatomi, Delaware, Shawnee, Peoria and Kickapoo peoples

Interactive and hands-on spaces

New spaces for artist / curator talks and other programming

An expanded focus on art from several tribes of the Great Lakes region

A new thematic approach connecting visitors with Native communities


New Acquisitions of the Great Lakes Region

In 2019, the Eiteljorg acquired an extraordinary collection of national importance, including hundreds of pieces of Native American art representing tribes of the Great Lakes region. This acquisition was made possible thanks to Lilly Endowment Inc. Acquiring this art and other significant acquisitions was a major step toward our vision of reconstructing and reinstalling the Native American Galleries.


Art in a New Way

New multimedia will allow visitors to connect more personally and directly with the art. The galleries will include a large interactive digital map wall of North America, artworks presented in all-glass cases viewable in 360 degrees, interactive touchscreens and activity tables and downloadable audio descriptions of artworks.

Relation, Continuation, Innovation

These three themes will be the driving contextual force of the new Native American Galleries,
telling the stories about the peoples who created the art, both past and present.

“Sometimes people will think of native art as bead work or pottery, but there's so much more. There's these wonderful groups of artists, native artists, who are making art for art's sake.“

Dorene Red Cloud (Oglala Lakota), Associate Curator of Native American Art

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