Tony Eubanks

Tony Eubanks

Eubanks 2016
Tony Eubanks

Born 1939 in Dallas, Texas; lives in Clifton, Texas

The Remuda
2016, watercolor, 15 x 29 inches

Horses have always been important to the American culture. They were of vital importance to the existence of Native peoples, and they remain important today for other reasons. They’re still used on Western ranches, in sporting events, and for pleasure by tens of thousands of people. A pasture with grazing horses can be both beautiful to see as well as calming to one’s spirit. The horses in this painting are actually a herd of protected ponies near Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

EVEN THOUGH his artistic gift was apparent while he was a young child, Tony Eubanks had not planned a career in art until a chance encounter with an art class while he was a student at Texas Tech University led him to change direction. After observing the class, it occurred to him that he, too, could make art. Abruptly abandoning his plans to become a rancher, he began to take art classes, eventually earning a Bachelor of Arts in illustration at North Texas University, followed by post-graduate studies at the Los Angeles Art Center.

His early career was spent doing illustrations out of New York. Eubanks has done work for Time Magazine and National Geographic, and many other publications. Since the late 1970s, he has worked exclusively as a fine artist who prefers to paint diverse subjects, finding that variety helps hold his interest and keeps him “fresh.” He speculates that he is attracted to new themes “in the same way an actor is attracted to new roles.” Working primarily in oil, he shows his artwork in various galleries and shows. He is an active participant in the Western Rendezvous of Art, and along with Quest for the West, he also exhibits at the Prix de West in Oklahoma City. Subjects for Eubanks’s paintings include landscapes, figures, cowboys, and Indians.

Notable Awards and Achievements

Copley Society of Art, Award of Merit
Salmagundi Club, Annual Members’ Exhibition, Samuel T. Shaw Memorial Award and Arthur T. Hill Memorial Award

Select Publications

American Artist
Art of the Rockies
Art of the West

Southwest Art
Western Art Collector


Northwest Rendezvous Group