Plan your wedding, reception, meeting or party here at the Eiteljorg

Plan your wedding, reception, meeting or party here at the Eiteljorg

Couple married in the Eiteljorg Kincannon Learning Circle.

Everybody starts somewhere.  For some people, there’s a clear moment of clarity when they “just know”.  Others experience a more gradual shift, but there’s always a beginning. My beginning has been at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art as an intern in the Rentals department. We work with organizations, brides, grooms and individuals who need help producing and catering exceptional events – like weddings, receptions, meetings and parties.  As an undergraduate business student, I hadn’t put much thought into the event and hospitality industry until recently – but I’m so glad I decided to pursue it!

Being at the Eiteljorg for a couple months has not only deepened my appreciation of Native American art and cultures, but has also opened my eyes to a whole new world – the creativity, details, and magic that goes into making an event special for a client.

Creative centerpieces for a construction-themed dinner reception.

A whimsical fairytale wedding reception.

Uplighting helps to transform the ballroom.

Everyone has their own individual dream for their big event, and it’s been so fun to see the Museum space transform from a nightclub into a fairytale, then morph from a construction-themed dinner into an Indy 500 reception, and back again into the elegant circular ballroom that I’m used to seeing. It’s been especially interesting to see how clients utilize the outdoor gardens.  Even though they have till the day of the event to move indoors if need be, we all keep our fingers crossed for clear skies on the big day! Some people choose to host their event entirely outdoors, while others split their time between the gardens and the ballroom. The outdoor space has been used for ceremonies, receptions and cocktail hours. We even had a couple ride into their outdoor reception off the canal on a bike!

I have really enjoyed all the different types of events that I’ve been able to participate in this summer, but there’s nothing quite like seeing a bride’s face when she first sees the Museum all decked out on her wedding day. Being able to be a part of creating such a special day for a couple, and helping to bring someone’s dreams, ideas and vision to life in a tangible and unforgettable way is amazing! And to think – this is only the beginning!

If you’d like to have your next event at the Eiteljorg Museum, please contact: 317-275-1340 (Sarah Bean). You may also email us at: And, you can all find us on Facebook under “Eiteljorg Weddings” and on the Eiteljorg’s website.

Ariel Durell
Special Events Intern