Indian Market and Festival 2015 |Traditional Hopi Piki Bread

Indian Market and Festival 2015 |Traditional Hopi Piki Bread

As Indian Market and Festival draws near, we’d like to tell you about some of the things we’re extra excited about.

Number 1: The 1491s
Number 2: Twin Rivers
Number 3: Down Feathers and Masks!
Number 4: Stories!
Number 5: Buck!
Number 6: Traditional Hopi Piki Bread!

We are thrilled that Iva Honyestewa (Hopi) will be doing Piki Bread making demonstrations throughout the weekend of Indian Market and Festival, June 27-28. You can also catch Navajo Frybread and Miami Acorn Flatbread demos. 
piki 1

What do you need to know about Piki Bread?

By Debi Lander of

Piki bread is a traditional staple of the Hopi people and the ancient New Mexico Pueblo peoples. The dry, thin rolled bread truly melts in your mouth and tastes delicious. The technique used to make the featherweight thin bread is difficult to master and has been passed down from mothers to daughters for generations. I had the privilege of watching Iva Honyestewa make the authentic recipe in her own piki house on the Hopi lands in Arizona.

Piki takes several days to make from scratch but Iva started her preparations beforehand by grinding blue cornmeal down to a fine powder and obtaining culinary ash from burnt juniper trees.

piki 2
She began by lighting a fire of cedar wood below her stone cook top.
piki 4
Then, she mixed the grayish blue cornmeal with hot water and added the ash through a fine sieve. The mush looked like sticky play dough, but she continued adding more water to make it thinner.

piki 6

Iva eventually used her hand to finish mixing.

piki 7
Next, she brushed her stone with oil (traditionally oily sheep brains) and ran her hand on top to check the heat.


piki 8

The thin batter was then hand smeared over the stone into a translucent layer. Iva repeatedly dipped her fingers in the batter to cover any holes and smooth out the layer. The batter bakes instantly and in a very short time becomes dry enough to lift or peel off.  Iva then transferred the near weightless cooked sheet of bread to her table.

piki 10

When three or four wafer thin layers are baked and stacked, they are folded and wrapped together. If necessary, they are placed back on the stone for a few seconds to reheat before folding.


piki 11

The finished roll is placed in the basket. The entire recipe requires about 3-4 hours work to complete.

Be sure to stop by to visit Iva as she makes Piki Bread during Indian Market and Festival. For more information about what’s happening Indian Market weekend, and to purchase advance sale tickets, visit Indian Market & Festival info

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Before the kick-off of Indian Market, the Eiteljorg will host two parties Friday, June 26 – the official IMF Preview Party and the AfterGlow party featuring the 1491s and DJ Kyle Long.

Preview Party Details
5:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Price: $90/members $100/non-members
An exclusive first-look shopping opportunity and reception. Attendees get free weekend passes to Indian Market and Festival.

IMF AfterGlow
9 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Price: Free for AGAVE members and $15/non-members and non-Indian Market and Festival Preview Party attendees
Grab a glow stick and join us for beverages, dancing, desserts and entertainment by the 1491s and DJ Kyle Long. Interact with artists in a relaxed setting along the canal and underneath The Sails of the Eiteljorg. Call (317) 275-1333 to make reservations.

Time, Tickets and Parking
– Indian Market and Festival will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., in White River State Park’s Military Park, just north of the museum in downtown Indianapolis.

– Discounted advanced tickets for the event are on sale at the Eiteljorg Museum, on the museum’s website and Marsh Supermarkets or by calling 1-800-622-2024.

– Advance sale tickets are $10. Tickets during the market are $12 at the gate. Kids 17 and under are FREE. Admission to the Eiteljorg is included.

– White River State Park underground garage next to the Eiteljorg Museum and IUPUI parking lots across from Military Park provides the most convenient and inexpensive parking for this event. Shuttles to and from the museum are available.

-Parking in the White River State Park garage will not be validated Indian Market weekend.

For even more information about what’s happening Indian Market weekend, and to purchase advance sale tickets, visit Indian Market & Festival info.