Hollywood Westerns and The Reel West: See them at the Eiteljorg

Eiteljorg Muesum holiday westerns and the Reel West

Hollywood Westerns and The Reel West: See them at the Eiteljorg

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Costumes and props from film and TV Westerns are on exhibit in The Reel West.

We typically don’t feature main attractions for an entire year at the Eiteljorg Museum, but with a five-star exhibit such as The Reel West, the show had to go on longer than usual. But time is running out to see this fantastic exhibition, so make plans now to experience it when you see Jingle Rails: The Great Western Adventure.

Are you a movie buff in general? Are you nostalgic for the classic era of Hollywood Westerns? Do you enjoy the aura of Hollywood and the stars who make the movies? For all those reasons and more, you should head to the Eiteljorg to see The Reel West before it’s too late.

From the classic era to modern day, The Reel West explores the fascinating impacts our favorite Western movies and TV shows have had on shaping American identity and influencing American culture. Some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and most popular Westerns are represented in The Reel West, which features costumes, props, interactives and more.

Fans will see Danny Glover’s boots from Silverado, hats worn by Clint Eastwood in Rawhide and Pale Rider, a mask, shirt, hat, scarf and gun belt worn by The Lone Ranger (actor Clayton Moore), a hat worn by Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained, items from several John Wayne films, costumes worn by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonio Banderas in the Zorro movies and much more.

Spanning multiple generations and a wide range of Westerns and actors, The Reel West is a true delight for movie fans of all ages.


The Reel West
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