Lessons for Deeper Learning

Online resources help students dive deeper into the art, history and cultures of the American West and Indigenous Peoples of North America. Use them to help prepare for a visit to the museum or to extend the lesson afterward. Download these resources to use in your classroom today.

Mihtohseenionki Resource

Use this resource to add depth to learning about the Native Peoples of the Indiana region past and present.

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Interactive Map

This interactive map shows Indian influence and history in Indiana regions dating back to the 1600's.

Western Family Experience

Learn the history of the artists and stories that inspired the R.B. Annis Western Family experience.

Jingle Rails

Get background information about the geography and history of the locations of the American West. Newly updated curriculum in 2018.

Miami Greeting (MP3)

Use this audio resource to hear, learn and practice the traditional Miami greeting with this link.

Language Learning (MP3)

This resource breaks down the Miami language to help students and teachers understand phrases.

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