Eiteljorg People: Broadening Horizons With New Possibilities

Eiteljorg People: Broadening Horizons With New Possibilities

 By Blaire Trusty, Eiteljorg Marketing and Communications fall intern

The past few months interning in the marketing department at the Eiteljorg Museum have been better than I could have imagined. Going into my senior year at Butler University, I was scared thinking about how “real life” was just around the corner. Also, I was still unsure what post-grad was going to look like for me. As an art and design major, I have always strived to be a graphic designer or work in an art field any way that I could. I thought applying for the marketing and communications internship would be a great way to open up my eyes to those possibilities and see where my skills and interests could take me.

This fall semester internship was the first real experience I have had in a professional job setting related to my interests. Being introduced to new software and programs that I had not previously worked with was a little nerve-racking at first. But working with such an inviting and motivating team helped me to quickly learn, and made me feel like I had a role in the marketing department. I learned how to use CoSchedule, an incredible platform that helps organize content for multiple social media accounts and assets in one place. I also learned how to create the museum e-newsletter, which is a beneficial skill I can see myself appreciating in the future.

With my photography background, I was given the privilege of using a Nikon camera to capture some events hosted by the Eiteljorg. In September, I photographed the Quest for the West® Art Show and Sale. I also photographed an October gala honoring Stan and Sandy Hurt (a wonderful couple who have been so generous to the Eiteljorg and surrounding community for years.) Finally, in November, I photographed the opening of Blurring the Line: The Eiteljorg Contemporary Art Fellowship 2019 that had a silent disco party supported by Big Car Collaborative. After all of these events, I used CoSchedule to upload the photographs I had taken and cross-promote them on all social media platforms for the museum.

Overall, I have appreciated how welcoming all of the Eiteljorg staff members are. I never felt like an outsider anytime I walked into the museum. I was given the opportunity to learn from people from every department in the museum during orientation meetings. The chance to meet and connect with so many people made the Eiteljorg feel much more like a home. It was great hearing the different perspectives of their various roles in the museum and how this organization comes together as a whole. It is very evident that all of the staff members care about one another and have the best intentions moving forward.

And, this internship has already led me to the opportunity another job within the museum. I knew a fall semester internship would be a great experience and open new doors, but never guessed it would open one so soon. Robert Tate, the earned revenue manager of the Frank and Katrina Basile Museum Store, acknowledged my graphic design background, photography skills and now marketing experience; and he hired me to help promote the museum store, through taking photographs for social media and providing content to update the store’s website.

My last marketing task was to complete a list of calendar events to be published in the Storyteller Magazine, promoting Eiteljorg programming from February through June 2020.

I am proud to say that I have worked for such an amazing, determined and successful organization. This experience will be the backbone to wherever life takes me. Without my experience at the Eiteljorg, I would have never considered marketing and communications as a professional career option, especially because that isn’t the field I am studying. But I am forever grateful for this experience because it broadened what I can do and made me realize that I am capable of much more than I previously believed. I plan on utilizing the skills that the Eiteljorg taught me along with the opportunities that the museum gave me to better myself for the future.

Eiteljorg fall marketing intern Blaire Trusty, right, served as photographer at the Quest for the West® Art Show and Sale on Sept. 6. Blaire is seen here with Quest guest Karen Colglazier, left.

Caption for top photo:  Eiteljorg fall marketing intern Blaire Trusty is seen in Jingle Rails, next to the miniature Eiteljorg Museum building in the model train layout.