Eiteljorg Insider | A Summer of Successes

Summer of Success at the Eiteljorg Museum

Eiteljorg Insider | A Summer of Successes

By Haley Stevenson, Eiteljorg marketing and communications intern

As my final year of college approaches, more and more often I am asked that dreaded question… the one everyone asks when they greet a student on the brink of adulthood: “What are you going to do after college?” I may not know the specific answer to that question yet, but after this summer I can definitely say that my direction is much clearer. I spent the last three months working as a marketing and communications intern at the Eiteljorg Museum, and every minute spent here has been an enriching learning experience.

Haley Stevenson, marketing and communications intern

Having grown up in Indianapolis, I have many fond memories of going to the Eiteljorg with my mom when I was little. The opportunity to work at a place I had attended as a child is a bit mind-blowing! As a double major at Butler University, I could go many different directions post-grad. What drew me to the position open at the Eiteljorg was the opportunity for hands-on work, implementing creative projects and exercising my own ideas in a structured environment.

Throughout the summer, I and another intern, Rachel Foley, worked together and separately on many different tasks. We interviewed band members who played at Summer Under The Sails and wrote about them in the Eiteljorg Blog, uploaded all sorts of content to the website and social media accounts, and learned how to use several different kinds of software commonly used in the field of marketing. We also helped promote and execute the Eiteljorg’s biggest event of the year: the Indian Market and Festival. During the festival, we saw all of our team’s hard work come to fruition. Artists from all over the U.S. came here to Indianapolis and commended the museum for its dedication to honest promotions of Native American art. The satisfaction we all felt after the festival weekend ended was well-earned; we put a lot of hard work into the preparation.

Haley with Rachel Foley, marketing and communications intern

In addition to all of these cool projects, Rachel and I had meetings with a member of almost every department at the museum where we learned about their position and how they came to work at the Eiteljorg. In what were probably the most enlightening conversations I had this summer, I learned that even if I don’t land my dream job right after college, or even if I’m not sure what that job would be, I could still end up working somewhere I love. It gave me an immense amount of comfort to talk to such an experienced team of employees who enjoy and are dedicated to their work.

This summer, I was able to see firsthand the positive way non-profit employees can contribute to the surrounding community. There is no way I can know where I will be a year from now, but I am confident that the skills I have gained and practiced at the Eiteljorg will definitely help me find a job I can be satisfied in. To the marketing team and the rest of the staff who allowed me to work alongside them: thank you so much! I have learned a great deal about myself and I will miss working amidst such kind and devoted company.